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Emilie Cozette appointed Etoile

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I would like to let you know about an article just published in www.fotoescena.net

José Carlos Martínes an "étoile" dancer>> << "Cendrillon"

In fact there are two articles. The first one -split in two parts- is a report on José Carlos Martínez with a rehearsal with Agnes Letestu while they were preparing their roles for Cinderella and an interview with our Spanish "étoile" danser who has two roles in this ballet.

The second in about "Cendrillon" itself with some very beautiful shots of Emilie Cozette in this role.

To be able to read all in English you have to return to the main page cause the links inside the articles are not properly set yet :devil:

Hope you like it!

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Yes, Patricia Boccadoro has been a devoted fan of Emilie Cozette ever since she graduated from the POB School (see, in the Archives, articles about her graduation performance, about her debut in Forsythe last year, etc - from time to time, there's an interview along with the "review"). As far as this reviewer is concerned, Ms. Cozette can't put a foot wrong - that's good to know when reading her articles.

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