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Ivan the Terrible- Music

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I am well aware that there are many recordings of Sergei Eisenstein film Ivan the Terrible by Sergei Prokofiev. However, Yuri Grigorovich's ballet Ivan the Terrible uses different orchestrations of the score and does not have the singers. Is there a recording in circulation of the ballet version? I have many versions of Spartacus but cannot find his other most famous work of Ivan the Terrible.

Any Help?



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Could it be perhaps the concert revision of the score, which is done without chorus? There's a recording of it by Neeme Järvi. Check Amazon.

:off topic: I've always wondered about those kings called "Alexander the Great" or "Ivan the Terrible". As opposed to what? Alexander the Eenh!? Ivan the Merely Sucky?

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Stinger---Walter Terry's "Guide To The Ballet" (1976 Edition) lists the themed sources for the ballet as having come from Prokofiev's Russian Overture, Symphony #3 as well as excerpts from the Ivan The Terrible film score. The film score contains slightly different orchestrations with bits of additional musical material not present in the Prokofiev Oratorio of the same name. With respect to the pieces used in Grigorovich's ballet, the pieces were re-arranged, edited, and some re-orchestrated by composer Mikhail Chulaki. It was first performed at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1975. I am not aware of any ballet recording of it.

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Hello Ian----no, Mr Terry doesn't list the breakdown any further. I own the VHS video of the ballet and have watched it many times, so I can tell you that some of the themes utilized from Symphony #3 come from movements 1 3, & 4; and snipets from various points throughout the Russian Overture. Obviously, the vast majority is from the film score.

On a side note, I really enjoyed viewing your website; well done.

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