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System Upgrade

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in short: thanks for the alert and even more, many more thanks for all the effort and time needed to arrange these improvements.

we are in your debt, never more so than we these upgrades move things along for all of us UP and ONWARD!

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The upgrade can happen any time now.

There may be a short period of time between the start of the upgrade and when you can't post. These will be lost.

Please note: The board "skins" will go back to the default until I can restore the modifications, like the amazon.com box.

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This is exciting. The site keeps updating and changing as I search around. It's become a lot more user-friendly and even more fun to visit and post! Thanks so much Helene and everyone else for making this site all the more wonderful.

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Many thanks to the people at Invisionpower for making this upgrade possible :(

I know that there are new features, and I'll poke around to see what they actually do!

I've also been trying to reset various settings. If something has reverted back, looks funny, or doesn't work, please let me know on this thread, and I'll investigate.

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Most of us sign-in once and use automatic sign-in from the sign-in cookies for months or even years. If I didn't need to use mine constantly, I'd never remember it, and I suspect many of you are in the same boat.

If you can't remember your password and do remember your username, from the log in screen in the box with the red background, there is a sentence:

I've forgotten my password! Click here!

When you click on the link, you'll be prompted for your user name on the next screen. When you click "Proceed," we'll send you a "change password" email to the email address we have on file. Once you click the link in the email, you'll be navigated to a screen to reset your password. (You won't need to confirm your old one.) They you can log in using your new password.

You should receive the email immediately, at most within one minute. If you don't, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, please click "Contact Us" at the top of the page and tell us what your current email address is. If we have an old address on file, we'll change it, so that you can receive the "change password" email at a current address.

The good news is that you can enter your user name or email address. The good news from a security aspect is that the forgotten password process has gotten more difficult to break. The bad news is that the forgotten password process is more complicated. A walk-through of the forgotten password reset process is posted here.

More good news is that inserting links now works with IE 7.0. More bad news is that you have to allow scripted windows each and every time, unless there's a setting I missed.

I apologize to everyone for not warning Ballet Talkers ahead of time that this will happen. I've put a step in the upgrade process to warn everyone before the uprade in the future.

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One quirk that I've noticed is that I now have
"-10" New Messages in my PM mailbox.
I'm going to look to see if I can set some recounts, which may affect post totals.

Lets' see if this works, I mentioned having trouble with the quotes on another thread, so I've just toyed with your last post to see if I can arrange them to work.

Edited to add: If I just pasted the 'quote' it would not work, and said that the number of my quotes did not match and to fix it, but I couldn't. If I used the whole first part of your quote with the name in it, it came out. But I noticed others can just do the plain 'quote' which I could do on the old system, and could arrange it easily enough, but now I can't. Actually, this is not a big deal, I can always figure a way around it by using the long opening quote, probably, or just quoting it 'manually'. This was just to record it on this thread that I had that specific trouble. Don't know if anyone else has.

Second edited to add: In above editing, I referred first to what I now called just quote in quotation marks by pasting the automatic quote for the balloon things, but even pasting them in a regular paragraph caused that message to pop up when I tried to resubmit.

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As with the old software, a quote box will form if you tag the copy with a

without a slash at the start and with the slash between the bracket and the q at the end.

Using parentheses instead of brackets for purposes of illustration, each quote should open with (quote) and end with (/quote).

If you want to place text in a quote box, you can select or highlight it with your cursor and click the balloon icon under the font menu atop the Reply field. Clicking the icon inserts the tags.

Same technique works to bold, underline, italicize, etc., your text.

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Thanks so much, carbro. I think moderators may have been having to fix mine sometimes, since I didn't really know exactly how it worked. Now that the system won't take it without getting it exactly right, I have had to learn how to do it--much better knowing, of course. I used to think my posts got fixed by the software itself somehow!

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I don't know whether this is panic-level crisis, or just medium crisis, but we seem to have lost some smileys. Remember :shh:? Gone! :jawdrop: And the hoppers, both magenta and red, are expending their excess energy elsewhere -- not here.


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I haven't been able to figure out yet why the Personal Messenger (PM) notice is counting into the negatives. Mine started at -8, went down to 0, went up to 1, then started to count backwards again :FIREdevil:

I didn't realize there was a contact list in the last version. I'll try to find something about this. I wonder if the contact list was held in the cookie, and when everyone needed to sign on again, the new cookie info replaced the old info.

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I found out how to reset negative PM counts, but there's no explanation for why this happened in the first place.

If your post counts start running negative again, I'd appreciate it if you'd reply to this thread.

Yes, mine is doing it now. Actually, I don't care unless it affects whether you get the message or not--does it? Right now, I've got -1 messages, but I've had plenty of pm's since the upgrade. I just noticed this one yesterday (when I did not get a message.) Otherwise, I appreciate the impending instructions on how to reset it.

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The negative counter doesn't affect the number of PMs, but it does affect the display.

Unfortunately, the only way to reset it is through the software. You can't reset it yourself.

I was able to run the reset, but, unfortunately, resetting doesn't fix the underlying cause :wacko:

Thank you for reporting this.

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My interface is working odd lately... has there been an upgrade?

I can't work my way back through the posts. Instead I see something that lookts like a collapsed outline. But I can't open any old posts and only few recent ones are visible. This is true regarless of how I try to enter the thread.

Also when I click the "reply" button the window appears "quoting" the last post..

Perhaps my own "settings" have changed? Can someone help get back to where I was able to read back through older posts.

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