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Goa Kala Academy

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Hi. I noticed that You havent mentioned anywhere the ballet teachers name. I did some research and have heard that this school has got many praises and is started and run by just one girl. 'Carmen Bareto' and she's accomplished all this at just 23. Her very own school and she choreographed the entire show. I was showing your article to some of my seniors and they all agreed, more emphasis should be put on her. This girl is a one woman wonder! Goa should be proud of her.

Goa’s Kala Academy holds a ballet recital. Many cute pix.
The 'School of Ballet for Beginners' presented a splendid ballet dance show 'The Grand Ballet Recital' in the Dinananth Mangeshkar Auditorium at Kala Academy.

The Ballet School in collaboration with Goa Kala Academy organized the show. The programme was divided into different Demonstration Sequences like The Centre Formation, The Formation Sequence, The Polka and The Waltz / Formation Sequence. The show also featured Solo performances by Children who had designed their own Choreography.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, russiangirl.

What is posted in "Links" is written in online publications. Copyright law allows us to post only a short excerpt from each on the board. The articles themselves are not always comprehensive.

Thank you for adding this information about Goa Kala Academy. You are always welcome to comment on articles in the "Links" forum in this forum (Ballet News Discussion).

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