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Vaganova Style

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[1] How would you characterize the Vaganova style, as far as what distinguishes its techniques and methods?

[2] Can you recommend instructional videos on the Vaganova style?

[3] Can you recommend Los Angeles or San Francisco area schools that teach the Vaganova style?

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agnes, Vaganova is not a style, it is a method of teaching classical ballet. Thankfully, there are no accepted videos currently on the market that try to teach the method. It is not possible to do it in video format. What takes professional level teachers 5 years to learn cannot/should not be put on a two-ten hour video. There are Japanese dvds (that will only work in certain dvd players) of examination classes to watch, however nothing for the actually teaching of the method!

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Agnes, BalletTalk is a site for the audience. Your question (well answered by vrs -- thank you!) really belongs on our sister site, BalletTalk for Dancers. You can find a direct link on the far right (stage left as you face it :wink: ) below the banner atop the page. If you decide to join the dancers' board you will have to register there separately. I have no doubt you will enjoy that board.

I'm closing this topic, but I invite you to introduce yourself on our Welcome page. :blink:

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