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Steven Heathcote

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News on the Australian Ballet's website:

Steven Heathcote's big leap

After 25 years Australia’s prince of ballet moves on from leading roles

There's also an article in "The Age":

Heathcote ready to hang up the ballet shoes (The Age)

Could a footballer complete 25 seasons of running, jumping and lifting women above their head? It's arguable, but Heathcote's achievement is unparalleled at the national company. But this mammoth era is coming to a close for Heathcote, 42, who yesterday announced he would stop dancing lead roles for the Australian Ballet in July.

Heathcote had discussed a career shift with wife Kathy and the company's artistic director, David McAllister, for several months, but his decision was galvanised by the physicality of the as-yet unannounced 2008 repertoire.

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My heavens, I didn't know Heathcote was still performing. I'd assumed that all the Australian Ballet dancers I first saw perform in New York in 1990 had long since retired. I'm glad to have been proven wrong. Congratulations to Steven Heathcote on a long and splendid career. :thumbsup:

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At 42, Steven retained his artistry, but was the first to admit the body wasn't up to the demands of many principal roles any more. He says he's moving in a new direction, which will include character roles (he's learnt Drosselmeyer for the forthcoming "eye-poppingly traditional Nutcracker", for example). He'll also be teaching and coaching. I suggested he join the Dancers' Company tour and do the Headmistress in Graduation Ball and now he thinks I have some weird desire to see him in drag!

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