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Cendrillon cast list!

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The cast list for Cendrillon!

Only two casts this time.

The Premiere is on May 30th

The good fairy: Nadja Sellrup/Sarah Medley

The Father: Nikolaus Fotiadis/Anders Nordström

Cinderella: Nathalie Nordquist/Anna Valev

The Prince: Oscar Salomonsson/Jan-Erik Wikström

The Stephmother: Katariina Edling/Nicole Rhodes

First Stephsister: Katja Björner/Jenny Nilson

Second Stephsister: Gina Tse/Jeanette Diaz Barboza

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The casting looks great.

As I said above, I have booked tickets for the 31May.

Having seen Les ballet de Monte Carlo perform Cendrillon, the impression was a sophisticated and thought provoking interpretation, on the edge of contempory but firm in a solid classical technique.

Maillot allows the characters the freedom to lead and understand the roles.

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