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Remember Lincoln Center's 25th Anniversary?

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A BT-er (who shall remain nameless) recently accused me of hallucinating :mad: when I recalled the film Lincoln Center projected on the face of the Met in celebration of Lincoln Center's 25 years of excellence for several weeks during the summer of '86 (or was it '87?). Included were news clips of LC's history, such as the groundbreaking and Avery Fisher Hall's Opening Night; also many performance clips, mostly from Live from Lincoln Center, such as a few phrases each of Itzhak Perlman's Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and Gelsey Kirkland's Theme & Variations and other delights.

I remember rushing out of the Met or NYST to catch a few moments during intermission (usually only the first), and on many non-ballet nights I'd saunter over just to catch an increasingly rare glimpse of Gelsey dancing -- and in peak form. I had the timing down pat. :thumbsup:

Anyone else remember this? :beg:

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i most certainly recall the projected film(s) but can only 'date' the event by your good memory - i'd be at a loss to determine the occasion w/o your naming the year. i most certain cannot forget the large-scale, projected THEME AND VARIATIONS, which dwarfed in scale and in quality the off-the-air videocassette versions one had access to from various videophiles who had early VCRs, mostly Betamax variety.

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Not having been in NYC at the time, I don't remember any projections, but I DO remember the PBS broadcast of the Mischa and Gelsey "Theme & Variations". So, when I did eventually come to NYC some years ago, I sought it out at the Lincoln Center Perf. Arts Library and watched it back-to-back with the (Balanchine Foundation?) film/video of Alicia Alonso coaching a young Paloma Herrera and Angel Corella in "Theme & Variations". Alonso's comments were SO amazingly accurate and informative--a wonderful film, and very very helpful when comparing it with my memories, and then viewing Mischa's & Gelsey's performance from 20 years earlier.

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