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110 in the Shade w/Audra McDonald, Roundabout

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I bought a ticket for this with this flyer I first started getting with 'Apple Tree', and it was only $22.75. If anyone wants it, I'll mail it to you, but do it ASAP: 40% off on perfs. thru May 13, but you must order by April 20, so that gives just enough time even for that one. 30% off on perfs. from May 15-July 15, but you also must use this by April 20. You can also use the code over the phone, which I can give to anybody and you don't need the mailer. There was no fee at box office, and I had ordered by phone last time, which was slightly smaller fee than online. I think $22.75 is amazing for a show of this caliber--have no idea how I got on their mailing list, but I would have never started if they hadn't sent it.

So, I wrote down code, and will only send mailer to person who knows they'll go to actual box office.

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Well, no more discounts, but this I highly recommend. Very whimsical, and about 7-8 minutes before the end, the climax seems too silly to believe, but then it builds very suddenly and is moving, despite all. Ms. McDonald is glorious in it, has a wonderful beauty and sings deeply and movingly.

Oh yes, my first time to see her, and she is most special indeed, you were right to tell me that, Carbro. I get the same sense of relief I was talking about when I saw Chenoweth--and there's plenty of room for them both. I'd like to see Ms. McDonald as Queenie in a revival of 'The Life', as those songs deserve her treatment, but I doubt this will be in the offing; most people have already forgotten that show, I think, even though it managed to last over a year here. 'Is It Really Me?' is here sung like you've never heard it, because she has a way of making it seem organic, as if this were something more than a rather lightweight musical, albeit with some nice songs, and at least one terrible one ('The Red Hat', with little brother and his gf Snookie)

Beautiful sets, especially a most clever way of doing Starbuck's tent. Main problem here is Christopher Innvar as File, the handsome second male lead (despite the way the character makes a success for little good reason): Fortunately, he doesn't sing too much because, even though the timbre of his voice is quite beautiful, it is so wobbly on some notes (not even high ones) that it is as much as a full half step or even more flat. He's in the opening number 'It's Gonna Be Another Hot Day', a fairly pedestrian affair, but his voice on an A Flat or A is so off it's painful. Nice to see John Cullum and imagine how dashing he was in 'On a Clear Day' (which comes across so well on the record). He would have been good as either File or Starbuck back in the day, but Steve Kazee is effective as Starbuck here as well.

I think the Roundabout is a very sweet theater, and I got into lots of conversations with nice kids, and even a tourist or two.

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Broadwaybox.com continues to have discount codes for "110 in the Shade" (as well as other productions). www.broadwaybox.com.

I saw Marin Mazzie (of the freak of nature voice with no break) perform this at the Pasadena Playhouse last year, and she was stunning. (Unfortunately, despite his glorious voice, Jason Danieley was a bit of a letdown as Starbuck.) I'm really looking forward to seeing Audra MacDonald perform this when I'm in New York next month. It's been one of my favorite lesser-known scores for a while.

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