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Dear All,

Could you please clarify this term for me.

As I've learnt from my ballet teachers, "Degage is shifting weight from one foot to the other".

But there are so many other interpritations in the internet and books! :dunno:

I realise that the different schools teach a bit (and sometmes very much) differently, but nevertheless -

What is the most common definition for DEGAGE?

Thank you very much!



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There are a couple of different definitions:

The first is a short for "battement dégagé". That's an element of barre work in which the working leg is lifted or tossed lightly into the air into an open position. It is not a transfer of weight, but may be followed by a tombé, and there a transfer of weight takes place.

It may also describe a position in which the working leg is away from the supporting leg, as in "disengaged".

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Photon, you've asked this question on the audience site. You're likely to get a wide variety of answers :) on BalletTalk for Dancers, a discussion board for dancers of all ages (above 13) and levels.

If you want to join their discussions, you'll have to register separately. We prefer members of both boards keep the same screen name.

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