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Changes at Ballet de Monterrey


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Miami City Ballet has published in several places the news that Principal dancer Luis Serrano is retiring and will become Artistic Director of Ballet de Monterrey, and that his wife Katia Carranza will return there to dance, while remaining on a part-time basis at MCB as well.

Former ABT Principal Robert Hill has been Monterrey's AD since 2003. In the Apri/May 2007 Pointe Magaine, a brief company profile mentions nothing about any changes. In fact, the writer, Lori Ortiz, says:

[Hills'] appointment brought a healthy stability to the company. The dancers, from Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico, have thrived under Hills' direction.
A quick check to BdeM's website shows that it is currently "under construction."

Does anyone have any published news or official statements about of what is being planned at Ballet de Monterrey? And what Robert Hill will be doing?

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dazedandconfused -- I was going only by a brief printed report in MCB's latest newsletter, plus at two comments Edward Villella made during his pre-performance talks in West Palm Beach. Perhaps someone else has seen something (published) that will explain things for both of us.

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Thanks so much for finding and posting that article, dazedandconfused. :wink: My Spanish is JUST "passable," but here's the gist of what it said:

Serrano will take over as Artistic Director on April 19. The search involved at least 4 other candidates.

Company representative (manager?) Fernando Trevino Lozano had this to say about Robert Hill:

... (H)e left a mark of quality that is very important in ballet and an indelible legacy that brought the company to heights which it had never reached before.
About the position:
Robert Hill was focused more on teaching and choreography; the management of the company has decided to change the job definition a little, putting more emphasis on artistic direction, and giving mastro Serrano, in addition to supervising the teaching and hcoreography ... the responsibility of internationalizaing the ballet.

He [serrano] has many good contacts with different companies which are sisters of Ballet de Monterrey and with which we can establish an exchange of dancers, even presenting exchange productions (?) and establishing strategic alliances which, as everyone knows in this time of globalization, is the name of the game.

There's also the announcement a grant of $3 million pesos from the government of the State of Monteerrey, to increase the company's international exposure.


This story is good news for Monterrey, but sad for MCB. Edward Villalla has already announced that Carranza will be returning to dance in Programs 2, 3, and 4 next season. However, the information about Daymel Sanchez was new to me. I hope he'll also be returning to dance with MCB, which is in need of strong classical leading men. Maybe the "international exchanges" they are talking about will include some interesting back and forth between Montererey and Miami.

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