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New Director for RDB

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Eva Kistrup discusses this in her Letter from Copenhagen in the latest DanceViewTimes
Hübbe . . . has only choreographed snippets, like a piece for the opening of a new Danish railway line

This made me laugh out loud, imagining such a thing in the US of A. The Danes do love their ballet, I guess. Lucky Danes.

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In an interview in the September 2009 issue of Dancing Times (p.29), writer John Guy gives some background about Hubbe's appointment:

Hubbe's path to the position of ballet master of The Royal Danish Ballet was not smooth. After the disastrous management of the Royal Theatre led to a long row of disappointments, Hubbe first applied for the position in 1999. He was interviewed, then given the impression he would be appointed, but later received a phone call in New York saying that "they had decided to appoint someone else". "They", in fact, was the individual who was responsible for it all, making yet another mistake. Eventually the manager was eased out, so it became inevitable that Hubbe would later become ballet master when he retired from New York City Ballet last year.

The silver linings for North American audiences were nearly a decade more of performances in NYC and guesting, and the beautiful stagings of "La Sylphide" in particular that he had time to do.

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