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Porretta Guests in Dances Patrelle

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Jonathan Porretta, who had danced with the company before Francia Russell lured him west, guested with Dances Patrelle this weekend, and today's Links begins with a review of the program.

Here's Jennifer Dunning's review of Porretta:

[Patrelle]'s at his best in “An American Overture!,” a solo that communicates a love for the art form and for movement itself. Set to a Leonard Bernstein score, it was danced by Jonathan Porretta, a principal with Pacific Northwest Ballet and, like Ms. Ringer and Mr. Hanna, a guest artist.

Mr. Porretta has grown up in public, in part in appearances with Dances Patrelle, and has acquired new depth to go with his razzmatazz technique. His nuanced, joyous performance deftly shifted back and forth between shining patriotic verve and drooping doubt.

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