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Spring Greetings

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This turn-of-the-century Russian card depicts a couple of Russian children in a kind of Sacre du printemps mode - note the bast footwear, similar to that Roerich indicated for the celebrants of Nijinsky's 1913 ballet.


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the illustrator of this card is Elizabeth Merkurievna Bem, a famous name among russian illustrators. i sense her work is quite collectible, this is the only example i have.

the card's spring greeting, in russian, includes the following words, which russian speakers would be better able to translate to the poetic ends intended by Bem:

VESNA = spring

TEPLO = warm

IDET = ?

PESET? = ?

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QUOTE(Helene @ Mar 19 2007, 09:37 PM)

It makes me feel like spring, on this rainy day in Seattle.

I guess everything is relative. From a Florida perspective, it looks like dead of winter.

It looks just like Philly right now - slippery, slushy melting ice and snow...

I wish I'd thought of using a walking stick this morning.

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i've now learned what the russian text says on the SPRING card:



in transliterated russian:

vesNA idYOt

tepLO nesYOt

I'll show it to my dad, he will appreciate it -- he has brought some bizarre footwear from Russia, including felt boots and straw shoes with a sort of turned up toe.

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