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Hello from Stippdmel


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Hello to all..

I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. And I accidently came accrossed it.

I have been involved with Ballet sence the 50's, and I still take two classes a week. Keeps me in shape and good for may arthritis.. Your never to old to dance. :huh:

Now I contract myself out to studio's as a Guest artist teacher and choreographer.

My favorite Company is the Paris Opera Ballet and the Kansas City Ballet Co.

KCB a nice little company of 25 dancers is great to watch.

I just recently seen them do Pas de Dix, The Moor's Pavane and Great Galloping Gottschalk. it was Great.

They do a wounderful Nutcracker also.

This spring their preforming Carman choreographed by William Whitener Artistic Dir. Can't wait to see it.

You may want to stop in to KCM and take a look at this up coming company..


Mr. D

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Hello, stippdmel!

I think it's been a good long time since the Kansas City Ballet has been discussed on Ballet Talk, so I'm very much looking forward to reading your impressions of the company's performances. And since you've got so many years of ballet experience under your belt, I'm sure you've got lots to say on all sorts of topics that come up here. It'll be great to have your input.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, stippdmel. There is lots of informative ballet talk on the board and we hope you'll enjoy the site. We're all avid ballet fans and we love to "talk ballet".


Thanks for the welcome.

I do wish that they would post on the KCB site under ballet company. May be can get some of the KCB members on line also.

OOps!! I almost forgot, thier getting ready for Carman.

Mr D

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I do wish that they would post on the KCB site under ballet company.
"They," in this case, would be you. :) And any ballet loving friends you care to share this site with, so please spread the word. It only takes a few people to turn KCB into a lively forum.

I hope you will attend Carmen and tell us all about it!

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