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The Fairy Godmother's Solo

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In Ashton's production, he gave the Fairy Godmother a solo in Act 1 before the Season Fairies come. The music is unfamiliar to me. Does anyone know if the piece is actually from Prokofiev's score of Cinderella? And has any other production included this solo?

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according to david vaughan's ever reliable book - FREDERICK ASHTON AND HIS BALLETS - the fairy godmother's variation is danced to "Prokofiev's 'Visions fugitives' op. 22 no. 7, orchestrated by John Lanchbery"

--p. 494, 1999, Dance Books, edition.

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Someone else will better explain - but it is not from the score of Cinderella; a friend who is a pianist informed me that it is another piano piece but it is by Prokofiev.

Just take this info for now, someone can better elaborate or explain for sure!

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