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Ballet Folklorico/Dance in Mexico

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So this post may be a bit of a stretch, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try my luck.

For one of my college courses in the history of Mexico, I have to write a research paper. My professor turned down my first topic idea, and instead fused my two college majors (ballet performance and Spanish) and decided I should write about the history of dance in mexico, particularly ballet folklorico.

His requirements state that we have at least three book sources and three articles. My problem is [/i]finding these sources. I was going to check both the university's main library as well as the fine arts library for books, but articles seem to be the most difficult.

I thought maybe DANCE Magazine has run an article on ballet folklorico? Is there a way to do a search for that? (I only have about half of my DANCE Magazines with me at college, the rest are at home). Furthermore, online searches are difficult, as most of my results are companies, not research materials.

If anyone knows of any sources, book or otherwise, or even just a good place to start, I would be much obliged!!

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