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Hotels near Hamburg Ballet

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:angry2: Hope this is the right place to post this topic. My son will be auditioning at Hamburg Ballet School post-grad program next week and needs a hotel for two nights near the Hamburg Ballet building. He will be with his older brother and I'm hoping to make online reservations for them.

Thanks in advance to any help from our European BTers.

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Unless things have changed, the company/school building is in a very nice residential section of Hamburg. The facility is available by train quite easily from the very beautiful center of Hamburg.

I just mapquested the school address and ran a search for a hotel. Nothing comes up in the same "zip code" a few close by. Hamburg is a small and lovely city.

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I did a quick search myself, found a few hotels, but could not get the dates I requested. I'm going to send off an email to the school tonight to see if they can recommend anything. My son will be arriving in Hamburg by train but he said he would love to be within walking distance or short transit ride.

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dancemomCA - a bit late in the day, sorry but I have been rushed off my feet.

About hotels, try something called Hamburg Tourismus GmbH, they must be on the web.

I used to live in Hamburg many years ago, I just loved it. And it it not such a small place, 1.8 million.

The opera house is modern, the ballet is good nowadays.

In my days the whole place had a very nice atmosphere, hope it has remained so.

We are hoping for detailed reports! :) And lots and lots of good luck from Pamela.

And if there is anything I can do, being so close, dont hesitate to ask me.

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Well, it appears that there is a big conference in Hamburg that week, nothing left anywhere!!!! They are booked into the Crowne Plaza with a king bed! I hope they enjoy the luxury. It's a short taxi ride (5E) from main train station. Yes, my son has been asked to take class for 2 days, both ballet and contemporary - he will also have some time to sight-see while he is in town. Hamburg Ballet is performing "The Saga of King Arthur" that week/weekend, but not the days he is in town, so he will not be able to see a performance. This school is his first choice, so I'm hoping he likes the feel of Hamburg.

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:) I would just like to report that all went very well in Hamburg. My son loved the city, the "Hamburgers", the ballet school, facilities, teachers, etc. He especially liked the fact that the company and school are housed under one roof with all dancers eating/socializing in their cafeteria each day. He plans to accept their offer of a full-time position and will be starting his post-grad studies with them in September. We are all so happy and proud. :blush:
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So glad to hear that your son has settled in so well in Hamburg! And so reassuring to hear that the atmosphere is good and people are friendly. Oh yes, I remember that cafeteria, not to mention the showers! :) Comparing Hamburg Opera to the old theater in Gothenburg, where there were only two showers for the entire staff, I felt like I was in the lap of luxury.

First impressions are so important, but he seems to have got a flying start, my heartfelt congratulations! :huepfen024:

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