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I live in New York and so, other than the two NYCB and two ABT seasons each year, don't get as many opportunities to see other dance companies any more.

I remember too many wonderful NCYB performances to single out any one, but re: ABT there was a City Center season in the 90s (?) when the company was hit by a rash of injuries to male dancers. I was privileged to see Marianna Tcherkassky and Helgi Tomasson do a wonderful Giselle (the other Giselle that Saturday was with Peter Schaufuss and Natalia Makarova).

I've attended performances abroad -- more often pre-2000 than recently. The most memorable was the first Bournonville festival, in 1979. It was so delightful we went to their season soon thereafter in Chicago.

I also go to modern dance performances, and a favorite company was Merce Cunningham's. I was around to see performances by Karole Armitage, Chris Komar, and Rbt Kovich. Wonderful as they were, my favorite was around the time Frederic Gafner and Thomas Caley and Jenifer Weaver and lots of other wonderful performers were dancing.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, tpc. It's great to have another seasoned ballet fan in our midst (I'm in there too) and to share memories. You have seen some wonderful ballets and we enjoy hearing about them. We hope you'll share in our reviews of up-coming ballets; your comments will be most welcome.


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