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Thanks, volcanohunter, for the euroarts Link, which includes a brief video of highlights. The Christian Lacroix costumes from the first half of the video reminded me a bit of those Kurt Seligman body-encrustations for the first version of Four Temperaments. But in Disney primary colors.

Later, it was almost a relief to see Cinderella stripped down to a nightie, and the Prince to a black trousers and bare chest, for a pas de deux. Thank goodness Lacroix got this out of his system before taking on the classy and dance-friendly costumes for POB's Jewels.

This one I have to have. :wallbash:

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Thanks for the tip-off. This is a rarity, as it uses Johan Strauss, Jr's charming score, rather than the more familiar Prokofiev. Heretofore, I've seen/heard the Strauss version only in the National Ballet of Cuba's setting, 7-8 years ago in Newark. How wonderful to finally have a Strauss 'Cinderella' on video, even if it's in choreography that differs from that of the Cubans.

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