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Hindemith: Herodiade - Martha Graham coreography video

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Hi, I'm new here

I need your help and advise, anybody knows if a registration of Paul Hindemith's Herodiade on the coreography of Martha Graham exists? I've been told that various videos/registration actually exist but none has ever been commercially released so I suppose if someone has one, it has to be a tv registration or something like that. Could anyone tell me wheather and how could I find it? p2p programs don't seem to work...

thank you

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the following video was marketed by philips/polygram in 1995 under the following title: FIVE DANCES BY MARTHA GRAHAM - i don't think it was re-issued in dvd. the particulars follow:

Martha Graham / co-produced by Caméras Continentales and La Sept Theatre and Music Department, Guillaume Gronier ; BBC presentation, Bob Lockyer ; director, Peter Mumford ; producer, Fiona Morris.

United Kingdom : British Broadcasting Corporation, c1991. (102 min.) : sd., col. with b&w sequences NotesHost: Judith Mackrell.

Performed by the Martha Graham Dance Company: Takako Asakawa, Camille Brown, Kathy Buccellato, Terese Capucilli, Christine Dakin, Joyce Herring, Laura Jimenez, Debra Kantor, Theresa Maldonado, Miki Orihara, Maxine Sherman, Daniela Stasi, Kim Stroud, Denise Vale, Myra Woodruff, Lyndon Branaugh, Mario Camacho, Duane Cyrus, Floyd Flynn, Donlin Foreman, Peter London, Pascal Rioult, Tancredo Tavares, Kenneth Topping, and Young-ha Yoo.

Dance contents: Lamentation [excerpts] / music, Zoltán Kodály ; performed by Graham.

Steps in the street / music, Wallingford Riegger ; costumes, Graham ; lighting, David Finley ; performed by Vale with Brown, Buccellato, Herring, Jimenez, Kantor, Maldonado, Orihara, Sherman, Stasi, Stroud, and Woodruff.

Frontier [excerpt] (b&w) / music, Louis Horst ; scenery, Isamu Noguchi ; performed by Graham.

El penitente / music, Horst ; scenery, Noguchi ; costumes, Graham ; lighting, Jean Rosenthal ; performed by Topping (penitent), Rioult (Christ figure), and Herring (Mary).

Demonstration of early Graham technique (b&w) / performed by Bird.

Diversion of angels / music, Norman Dello Joio ; costumes, Graham ; lighting, Rosenthal ; performed by Maldonado and Camacho (couple in yellow), Buccellato and Cyrus (couple in red), Sherman and Foreman (couple in white), with Yoo, Jimenez, Orihara, Woodruff, and Stasi.

Herodiade / music, Paul Hindemith ; scenery, Noguchi ; costumes, Graham ; lighting, Rosenthal ; performed by Asakawa (a woman) and Dakin (her attendant).

Maple leaf rag / music, Scott Joplin, arranged by Christopher Landriau ; costumes, Calvin Klein ; lighting, Finley ; performed by Capucilli, Brown, Buccellato, Herring, Jimenez, Maldonado, Orihara, Sherman, Stasi, Stroud, Vale, Woodruff, Flynn, Branaugh, Camacho, Cyrus, London, Rioult, Tavares, Topping, and Yoo.

Executive producers, Takis Candilis, Helen Asquith, and Ron Protas ; choreography, Martha Graham.

Telecast on the BBC series Dancemakers ; date of telecast not identified.

Documentary on the life and work of Martha Graham, who is seen in recorded interviews and archival footage of her solos Lamentation and Frontier. Additional commentaries are provided by her former dancers Bonnie Bird (also seen in archival footage, demonstrating Graham technique), Jane Dudley, and Robert Cohan. Five dances, representing different periods in Graham's life, are shown in performances recorded at the Opéra de Paris-Garnier in November 1991

as you can see, one of the dances filmed in Paris at the Palais Garnier (in 1991) was HERODIADE.

i'm not sure what you mean by registration - the graham center in NYC owns copyright on the extant choreographies with the odd exception of SERAPHIC DIALOGUE - if my understanding of the recent court case against Ron Protas, Graham's heir, is correct.

i hope this is of some help.

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the two following entries in the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center show other items concerned with HERODIADE. one is video; the other, audio. both must be studied on the premises as the library has no loan provisions from its reference/dance collection. there is another HERODIADE item but it is 'closed' meaning one needs special permission to view it.

here is the catalogue information on the 'open' items:Hérodiade [videorecording] 1985.

20 min. : sd. (EP). color

Notes: Videotaped in performance at New York State Theater, New York, in April 1985. Copy of the tape made under the provisions of a Special Projects grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

: Choreography/costumes: Martha Graham. Music: Paul Hindemith. Scenery: Isamu Noguchi. Original lighting: Jean Rosenthal.

: Performed by members of the Martha Graham Dance Company: Terese Capucilli (a woman) and Maxine Sherman (her attendant).

The medium of dance: lecture [sound recording]


Description: 1 sound disc (44 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.

Notes: Recorded March 25, 1952 at the Student Composer Forum held at the Juilliard School of Music, New York City.

The recording was made by the National Educational Television network. Excerpts from it were used in the film, Four pioneers, produced by Jac Venza for the N.E.T. series, U.S.A.: Dance. For the completed film, see *MGZHB 12-116 Four pioneers (Motion picture) 1965.

Ms. Graham discusses the dancer, Yuriko; the dancer's training; the nature of the dance medium; how she collaborates with the composer to create a new work; her dance works: Letter to the world, Appalachian spring, Deaths and entrances, Herodiade, and Night journey; preparing for a performance; ballet and modern dance; the contraction; music and the dancer.

Preservation was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, 2000-2001.

here's he entry on the 'closed' item:

Herodiade (Motion picture)

1975. 20 1/2 min. 740 ft. : sd. b&w. ; 16 mm.

Restrictions: Closed.

Notes: Filmed for the Jerome Robbins Film Archive by Amram Nowak Associates, with the assistance of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on May 14, 1975. Rehearsal, in costume and with scenery.

Choreography: Martha Graham. Music: Paul Hindemith. Scenery: Isamu Noguchi. Costumes: Edythe Gilfond. Performed by Diane Gray and Susan McGuire, members of the Martha Graham Dance Company.

incidentally i note no ref. to some silent clips of graham herself and may o'donnell - which i've seen - this historic footage does not include the full dance but it does show the original cast. (i guess the NYPL doesn't have a copy.)

no apologies necessary for language or use of terms. would that i could write in a second language as well as you do in english. as for terms, each country has its own, even english-speaking countries such as Britain and the US speak in different terms that often need explaining.

good luck.

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