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Hello from Australia!


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Welcome to Ballet Talk, photon; we're glad to have you with us. Since this is a welcome forum we'd like to get to know a bit about you, i.e. your interest/connection to ballet. We hope you enjoy the site and sharing in our discussions.


Oh sorry, Giannina

Of course I should tell my story. I’ve tried before but decided it was boring.. :beg:

Our family has immigrated to Australia from former Soviet Union 4 years ago. There I had been dancing in the Ensemble of classical and character dance for 15 years. I stopped dancing when my second child was 2 years old. So, it was much more than a hobby, though I have a completely different profession.

Now, when I feel settled well in a new place, my old dream - to be a dance teacher - could be realised. I’ve just opened two small classes, and a fitness class for adults as well (there are two years between ‘decided’ and ‘opened’, a bit long preparation :mad: )

And I started dancing ballroom, standart - very interesting experience!

So, about my ballet classes – I’ve got some very important questions, first of all – about the difference between Vaganova and other ballet schools :dunno: (I have already read some topics here, that was so helpful!)

And it is great to participate in some discussions, express my own opinion and know the other’s one :hyper:

It is a bit long, sorry..

Thanks for reading!


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