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Interview with Alina Cojocaru


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Thanks leonid.

I've found Alina Cojocaru to be a lovely, straightforward and unassuming person as well as an amazing talent.

Whenever I travel to Europe from the US, which is about once a year, I always check to see if she is performing at that time. If so I try to schedule a stopover in London to see her performance.

The first time I ever saw her, I was in the director's box. This is a partially blocked view seating area so I was able to get a seat at the last moment. I was almost close enough to touch her. She performed Giselle. About a year later she did an excerpt from Giselle at the Lausanne competition as a guest performer. She seemed to have already added another dimension to the role. She has a gentle, ethereal presence along with her virtuoso capabilities--a wonderful combination. She seems to grow and amaze each time I see her.

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