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New Registration Process


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As some of you have witnessed personally, message boards have been aggressively targeted for spam over the last six months. Spambots have automated the entire registration process, including triggering the validation email, and posting their wares on unsuspecting boards.

Through the generous help of contributors on the IPS Beyond board and the Invisionzone help desk, we now have a registration process in place to help us combat the spambots, until they get smarter.

When new registrants validate through the confirmation email, they will be changed to a new group called "Registration Completed." All members of this group are on Moderated, which means that a Moderator must approve any posts until we can confirm your registration information -- spambots, at least until now, have distinct registration patterns -- and move you into the "New Member" group.

While its rare that legitimate new registrants post right away, we are really sorry to put a barier between the board and those who do, but the amount of spam that has been appearing recently is a big concern for us, and we'll try to validate the registrations and move you into the "New Members" group as soon as possible.

I tested the new configuration by posting to a thread using several test accounts. Permissions were working according to the test, but unless you know you are on Moderated because we've notified you of this or are in the group "Registration Completed" -- your group is listed under your board name -- and you have any trouble posting, please let us know by replying to this thread. If you don't see your post, we can. Or you can email us through the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

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