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Joelyn Fiorato, R.I.P.

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The text of a death notice in the Jan 28 NY Times:

Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet mourn the passing of Joelyn Fiorato, beloved wife of our long-time Music Director and our current Conductor Emeritus, Hugo Fiorato. An author and artist, Joelyn had a larger-than-life spirit that made her a treasured member of the New York City Ballet family. We extend our deepest condolences to Hugo and the family. She will be missed.

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From her website, written while in hospital on January 8:

I have lived so long that once or twice I have been blessed to know what it might mean to actually touch the sky. To come that close to holding something perfect in your heart. To finally learn what only matters in the end is simplicity. Kindness. True friendship. Love. This amazing adventure. This beautiful rose. This smiling child. These precious notes. These hands ready to hold mine as I reach out, reach up for the sky.

All my dear friends, "toco el cielo". See you soon.



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Thank you, drb. That was such a beautiful piece to read. It made me tear up with its poignancy. I loved Hugo Fiorato as the conductor of the NYCB orchestra, and knew nothing about his wife. She sounds like a wonderful, wonderful woman. May she rest in Heavenly peace.

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