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HOLA from Madrid, Spain


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So nice to see I am one among others participating on this site from Spain :) , where we are getting excited about the 2 new classical ballet companies in the process of being born! :wink:

I am already a member of BalletTalk for dancers, being the mother of one who did her training in Spain, but somehow I was not aware that this was a separate site from that one. So I am glad to be able to participate in both.

Hasta luego!

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BalletTalk for Dancers is our "sister board." We are separated by the footlights, you might say. This board is the viewers, BT4D is the doers. :)

We're watching developments in Spain very avidly and hoping there are resources to sustain two active companies. How great would that be!

Glad you're here, PsFs. :wink: Welcome.

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Actually, I am American but have lived here for almost 17 years and feel more Spanish than American anymore--my dancing daughter, although she was born in the US, presents herself as Spanish to her Indiana University ballet classmates since culturally she IS. She was only 2 when we moved here, and she would dearly like to come back and dance in Spain, if not Europe. so, I agree: let's hope that the Madrid area and the rest of Spain can sustain 2 world-class classical companies!! I'm all for it!! :huepfen024:

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