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Norwegian National Ballet

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Has anyone seen or does anyone know anything about this company? The last I heard was that Espen Giljane, former NYCB dancer, is the director there. Every so often the company is mentioned in the NYTimes, mainly in passing -- they performed a piece to commemorate Glen Tetley's 80th Birthday this season and Christopher Wheeldon has set some pieces there, among other things. Just curious...

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Norwegian National Ballet shares a website with the Norwegian National Opera:


Here's the link to the current season:


The Company performed Wheeldon's Polyphonia last September-October.

On the Norwegian site, there is information about the company, and Espen Giljane is listed as the head of the ballet company (Balletsjef):


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Danny Tidwell is listed as one of the dancers. According to his bio, he has been there since 2010. There was no mention if he danced any leading roles. I do wish that he would return here, to ABT if possible.

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