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Swan Lake casting

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I wonder who will dance the rehearsal on 31 January and opening night on 1 February. I'm hoping to see all of the Odette/Odiles.

I don't know anything yet, except for those two Barker performances. I will try to see all of them, but short of pitching a tent in the lobby, it's tricky to get it all in.

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Here is the casting for the first week

click here

Some random observations:

Carrie Imler is not dancing O/O this time around.

Olivier Wevers is not dancing Siegfried.

Christophe Maraval is performing Von Rothbart.

Oleg Gorboulev and Anton Pankevitch are performing Wolfgang (the tutor), which used to be Flemming Halby's role.

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Second week of casting for Swan Lake is now on the PNB website.

:) I ordered tickets last week and guessed wrong :( Not that seeing Körbes twice is any reason to be sad, but I ordered tickets to two evenings and both second weekend matinees in the hopes that Lesley Rausch might be given a matinee Odette/Odile, and by doing so, am going to miss Kaori Nakamura :(

I'm very glad to see that Zimmerman and Johnson, two dancers I'm always happy to see in featured roles, are going to dance the pas de trois with Anton Pankevitch, along with the other trios who've been given more prominence.

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