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Front Row Center, Winter 2007

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Photos of last week's Beauties are up.

The bad news: There are only three, each of Aurora and her prince, all from The Wedding. We don't get much flavor of the production and nothing of the sub-principals.

The good news: The shots are lovely. They are higher-resolution than last week's so the enlarged view is clear. Plus, it looks like the newly designed website will keep previously posted photos, as well as new ones! :(

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From last week's performances, a study in (mostly) leotards: Agon, Symphony in Three Movements and Tribute. Also, Carousel (A Dance).

Tiler Peck, the subject of three of the six photos, is the star of this week's installment. The selection is interesting for its mid-jump pix, including Ellen Bar suspended in a split (Agon).

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May I just take a moment to rave about Front Row Center? It is so great to see such great pictures every week, especially for someone who has no experience of American ballet companies/productions. And few ballet companies have many decent pictures on their sites anyway. So, hurrah! Very, very much appreciated. :)

(Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system)

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