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Stuttgart Ballet at Opera Garnier

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I was not in Paris but was fortunate to see I Fratelli - Die Bruder and Die Kameliendame both in Stuttgart at the end of December. I expected to prefer the latter but I absolutely loved I Fratelli and would love to be able to see it again. I usually prefer the more classical ballets but I thought the staging was simple but very effective. I really liked the costumes even though they were very monochromatic and quite simple and I loved the music. Everything I would not normally not expect to enjoy including the story line I found I enjoyed immensely. As for the dancing - on a totally different level than what I am able to see at home. :beg::clapping::toot: I thought the men were particularly strong but perhaps that is again in contrast to what I am able to see locally. I have to comment as well on the audiences - hard to believe compared to North America. They are so supportive and enthusiastic while still remaining respectful and attentive.

Even though the performance of Die Kameliendame was a recently added show and there was a gala performance happening a couple of nights later we were only able to get three individual seats at the very back and outer edge of the theatre which I would try to avoid in the future as we were not able to see anything that was happening on the right side of the stage.

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No, Friedemann Vogel didn't dance in Paris, neither did Maria Eichwald.

I saw two casts :

- Kang/Barankiewicz/Tentschikowa/Rademaker/Zaitsev/Stewart

- Wünsche/Reilly/Carillo Cabrera/McKie/Magitov/D'Alesio

There was also a third cast, led by Alicia Amatriain and Jiri Jelinek.

It was the first time I saw this ballet and I liked it very much ; in Paris, we don't really have the chance to see such entertaining pieces. I found Cranko's choreography very nice and interesting (especially pas de deux, the last is really wonderful) and the company was very good. In the part of Petruchio, Barankiewicz and Reilly were both amazing, as were Kang and Wünsche.

The audience seemed to appreciate the show and the dancers were enthusiastically acclaimed.

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