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Why so few postings?

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Not being from the San Fancisco area, I use this forum to get news about the company. I've noticed that the activity on this site has fallen off dramatically in the last few months: no comments on Stern Grove and none on Nutcracker except for casting. Is everything all right with the SFB? Where have all the forum members gone?

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Globetrotter, I've also noticed a similar trend on the Miami forum and for a number of other companies. On top of that, major tours (often Russian, but even the ABT) go relatively unreported in many places.

Sometimes one does feel llike trying to make a sound while clapping with one hand.

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Wonderful review, Paul. Thank you for the link. I'm very sad to hear about von Buchau's passing; I always enjoyed reading her.

I can't speak for all Ballet Talkers, but the reason I didn't post anything about the Nutcracker run this year is that I didn't go. For others who did go, there could be any number of reasons for them not posting, which I won't speculate about.

Another reason activity is light right now is that we're in the middle of the time period between the end of the Nut season and the beginning of the repertory season, which is punctuated only by the highly-priced gala performance. If anyone sees that, do let us know!

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Paul, I too was moved by your tribute to Stephanie von Buchau. I had just read her article about Don Giovanni recordings in Seattle Opera Magazine -- DG is opening in a couple of weeks here -- when I heard she had died.

I didn't attend SFB's Nutcracker because I've never liked the ballet enough to travel especially to see it, although I've seen performances where I was already planning to go for other reasons. I'm much more interested in the Rep season, which is opening soon.

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