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Ballet Talk Email Problems: General and AOL


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Over the past three weeks, we've had two issues with the email service that is attached to our board. The first is that AOL blocked our emails from getting through. This affected a few people's subscription notifications (as well as personal mail), but not all, which we don't quite understand. Hosting Matters, the company that provides the email service, worked with AOL to restore service, but it took a few weeks. I think we've resolved the underlying issue; I've learned that spam control is a two-part set-up, not one.

We also had issues getting into our mailbox to send out custom emails from the Moderation team. This has also been resolved. I'd like to apologize to the people who donated to our fundraiser since the beginning of December. If you haven't received a thank you PM, you should receive an email or PM by the end of the weekend.

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