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Newbie from Oregon

Dark Pony

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Hello everyone! My name is Kevin and I live in good 'ol Oregon. I'm on here for a couple reasons...i just went to the Nutcracker at the Keller auditorium and it was a very good show. I had never been to any type of ballet prior to the Nutcracker and I really enjoyed it. My girlfriend used to dance when she was younger but had some personal issues that stopped her from doing it. She is so passionate about dancing...If i need to move this question somewhere else i will...but how can she get started back up again? I bought her some dance shoes for xmas and i would love to have some knowledge about places she can go to get started again....

thanks in advance and have a great holiday season


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Hello, Kevin.

I edited your post. We have many readers for whom English is not a native language, and out of consideration to them, I standardized your spellings.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first Nutcracker. For many of us, it was the introduction to ballet.

This is a site for the audience, not dancers. We discuss performances we've seen, the history and background of ballets, particular dancers.

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If your girlfriend is looking to start taking ballet classes again, I suggest she pick up a copy of Dance Magazine and look at the ads in the back for a good studio convenient to her. If it doesn't work out, she can find another.

I'll return your wishes for a good holiday and close this topic. :tiphat:

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