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Royal Ballet Broadcast


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From the ROH Newsletter:

Look out for performances by The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera on television and radio over Christmas and the New Year.

On Christmas Day at 10.05pm on BBC2 there will be an hour-long documentary, 'Dreams to Reality' about The Royal Ballet School and Company.

On Boxing Day on BBC2, there will be another chance to see the documentary at 1.45pm, followed by The Royal Ballet's production of Giselle at 2.45pm. The cast includes Alina Cojocaru as Giselle, Johan Kobborg as Albrecht, Marianela Nuñez as Myrtha, Sandra Conley as Berthe and Martin Harvey as Hilarion.

Oh how I would love a recording of that particular Giselle!!!

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Oh how I would love a recording of that particular Giselle!!!

I think many of us would love to see it. Why is it that Paris Opera Ballet telecasts make it to DVD reguarly, while the Royal Ballet's rarely do? Those of us on the other side of the Atlantic can actually see something of what goes on in Paris, whereas we can only read about dance in London. Already Brigitte Lefèvre has announced that the POB's Giselle will be coming to DVD in HD. Shouldn't centuries of Franco-British rivalry make Covent Garden eager to keep up?

Of course I realize that if it were up to you, fandango, all of the Royal Ballet's telecasts would be available on video, but your post has made me wonder anew about the strange policies of the BBC, which readily exports television comedies and murder mysteries, but seems determined to keep the "high" arts of Britain hidden from the rest of the world.

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