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Nutcracker performances and reviews

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I did a quick search of the Links forum for "Nutcracker" and "Pennsylvania" brought up a newspaper review: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/ma...ly/16217899.htm

and a profile of Christine Cox, who prepares the children:


It's possible there are other references elsewhere on the board, if you feel like doing a more general search.

Don't forget, we're expecting a review from you! :off topic:

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I had the opportunity to see 3 of the PA Ballet Nutcracker performances this season and would like to report some of the high points for me. I was very impressed by how Arantxa Ochoa worked with the angels at the beginning of Act 2. You could see her encouraging each little one to move with her smile and nod. It really touched my heart, very lovely.

I always love to see young dancers have the chance at a new role and was not disappointed this time. Gabriella Yudenich, a favorite of mine, did an absolutely gorgeous performance as Coffee at the 11 AM performance on Dec 23. She had the feel and look for the role. Excellent job.

I also really enjoyed Barrette Vance as Marzipan Shepardess at the morning performance on Dec 23rd. She appeared very confident. Her turns were rock solid and graceful. Also, excellent job.

I loved seeing Julie Diana and Zach Hench as Sugar Plum and Cavalier on Dec 26th. Julie is a very beautiful Balanchine dancer and was wonderful in the role. Zach also looked great, his turns were spot on and their partnering was wonderful.

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Lillianna, I could not agree with you more and it is certainly wonderful to have seen two young corps members (namely Gabriella Yudenich and Barette Vance) get a chance to shine. They were both impressive and I hope to see more of them in the future. As for other hightlights for me, I also have to comment on Riolama Lorenzo. She was impressive in both Sugar Plum and Dew Drop. What beautiful feet, lines and port de bras. PABallet has made great strides under the direction of Roy Kaiser, Jeff Gribbler and Tamara Hadley and it certainly shows in these types of performances. I am looking forward to many more wonderful performances this year.

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