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Royal Ballet on Classic Arts Showcase


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Did anyone else happen to see this last night? I believe it was on around 10pm. I happened upon it in the middle of Swanilda (Leanne Benjamin) dancing with her friends in Act I, and I was extremely impressed, although I couldn't figure out who it was at first. Thought it might have been the Paris Opéra Ballet, but it didn't look like their production (the stage appeared quite small for some reason and there weren't very many dancers). Anyway, the footwork was extremely clean and precise with graceful, detailed port de bras and épaulement. The corps was perfectly synchronized. I am looking for the DVD on Amazon to add to my wish list!

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I haven't seen this, but the little I've seen of Leanne Benjamin has me firmly in her corner. A very warm and musical dancer.

As to Classic Arts Showcase, there was a time when New Yorkers could get it from three channels -- often simultaneously. (Now we only get it on CUNY-TV :( ). But when we had three going, they were never the same. Good thing, because you could click back and forth looking for ballet. Bad thing, because sometimes you'd catch only the final moment -- or credit. All of which is a long-winded way of saying that what you saw last night very well may not have played in all parts last night. I think CAS comes in four-hour loops, with several on the satellite at any given time.


TV Junkie :angel_not:

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Did anyone else happen to see this last night? I believe it was on around 10pm.

wow! consider yourself lucky and for those of you back east. Here in CA, they don't show it until 2:30 AM and lasts until 5:00 AM. Sometimes it'll start at 2:00 AM ! though, sunday nights start at 12:30 or sometimes 12:00 - AM !

it's good if you have TiVo or DVR, but then once you've fallen behind in watching the recordings, they'll unfortunately get deleted and bumped up. But then you realize you've found almost all of the clips offered form Glory of the Bolshoi w/out paying a dime!

Of course, there's always the option of staying up, which I'm a natural nighthawk, but forget it once school starts.

CAS is the only reason why I've seen so many pieces and am able to participate in these discussions!! :)

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