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I was inspired to start the topic by the new Dancers thread on Sascha Radetsky. I saw his amazing Petrouchka last year, which blew Corella, Cornejo and Bocca out of the water, IMO.

What performances over the past few years deserve to be recorded for posterity?

With no deference to balanced casting or the star system, here are my picks:

Hallberg and Abrera in Afternoon of a Faun

Radetsky's Petrouchka

the Part/Gomes White Swan

Hallberg, Alexander, et al in The Green Table

Murphy-led cast of In the Upper Room

Edit: I forgot E. Cornejo's Rodeo! A double disc?

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That's MY list!!

I would also add everything-Bocca (except Cartes) from the time of, and including his last two R&Js. I would add the Part, Gomes, Abrera Ballet Imperial from 2005; the Herrera-Corella Swan Lake from the Saturday Matinee in 2005; all performances of Mr. Franklin in R&J. It's going to be kind of a long, and expensive CD, I guess.

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Here's my list:

1- June17 and/or June 20, 2002 Corsaire with Herrera, Acosta, and Corella. The Met's roof was almost blown off by the audience's reaction to what they saw on stage!!!! Two truly memorable evenings!!

2- Radetsky's Petrouchka. It was a truly heartbreaking experience.

3- Bocca's farewell perf. with Ferri in Manon.

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