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Barrie Duffus Tucker


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We received the following inquiry:

My dear, long time friend, retired ballerina Barrie Duffus Tucker may have used the name Barrie Ingram early in her career and Barrie Allegra Duffus or Barrie Allegra Duffus Tucker at the end of it. Barrie danced all over the world but didn't talk much about her accomplishments.

Can you give me any information on how to research her career?

I would love to acquire a copy of anything you have with Barrie dancing in it, or at least a clear picture of her.

Thank you.

I have contact information in case anyone has a picture.

If there are any commercial recordings of Ms. Tucker's work, I'm sure our inquirer would appreciate knowing what they are.

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well a cursory search notes her as having been on broadway in Song of Norway in 1944, and notes also that the Performing Arts Library in New York seems to have an audiotape of her being interviewed:

Song of Norway (1944, 1962 revival), compiled by Janice Ross.

Binder 1: overview by Janice Ross, background materials ("Synopsis for construction of the operetta....Edvard Grieg" transcript, excerpt of 1962 rehearsal schedule, performance history, and list of dancers), notices and reviews, photographs (digital scans, photocopies, and prints), summary notes on interviews, and transcripts of interviews with Frederic Franklin, Mary Ellen Moylan, Adda Pourmel, Barrie Duffus Tucker and John Frayer, and Roy Fitzell.

Binder 2: programs (photocopies and originals) and souvenir programs (photocopies).

Also includes: photocopy of annotated playscript, piano arrangement of "Strange Music", photocopy of music and lyrics of production dance numbers, and telegram from Edwin Lester and news clip.

The following items are available separately:

VHS videocassette, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Family Movies (SV 10525);

Decca LP, 1949 (DLP 8002);

CD "Original 1945 Recording", Box Office Recordings/Encore Productions;

Audiocassettes copied from original 1945 recording;

Adda Pourmel interview audiotapes;

Adda Pourmel interview videotapes;

Frederic Franklin interview audiotapes;

Frederic Franklin interview VHS videotapes;

Frederic Franklin interview DVCAM's;

Mary Ellen Moylan interview audiotapes;

Henry Berg interview audiotape;

Barrie Duffus, John Frayer, Susan Luckey interviews audiotape.

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