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Anyone ever hear of Tatiana Akinfieva-Smith?

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Ms. Smith was a teacher of mine in Salisbury, MD. She also teaches in Milford, DE at First State Academy of Dance. I have read that she danced in Yugoslavia for King Alexander and was a soloist for the National Opera Theatre in Yugoslavia.

I was just wondering if any of you have heard about her and if you can impart any other wisdom about her to me.

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I knew her when I was a student in Columbus, Ohio. For a while she was associate director of Christopher Ballet Company, a regional company I danced with through junior and senior high school. That was in the late 60's and early 70's and I lost touch with her a long time ago.

I was hoping to find some pictures of her when she was a dancer, but I can't find any anywhere.

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I'm so happy to have found this thread...

Tatiana was my ballet teacher in the 70s, and she is a wonderful lady. I am blessed to this day to have had her teach me the art of ballet through her eyes. She taught every class with the idea of performing in mind, so that you were given the technique that was required, but also an understanding to really dance every class. She is responsible for the artist in me.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her dancing, but somewhere, I have a head shot of her from when she lead the company that was the precursor to BalletMet.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did. :off topic:

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