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Karen Kain in Toronto Life

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The November issue of Toronto Life features an article about Karen Kain's direction of the NBoC as it enters its first season in the new opera house. I don't think it's available online though. Did anyone else read this article? I found it extremely gossipy and poorly written. The author didn't seem to know much about dance. Instead, he read Kain's autobiography and tried to find the most juicy bits (e.g. when Kain and Augustyn were locked in a hotel room before the Moscow competition). The writer then goes on to review the NBoC's inaugural gala that happened in June. I wish I could quote but I don't have the magazine here. Basically he said, the only good thing in the gala was Forsythe's "In the Middle..." becuase it was so hot and sexy, and the NBoC needs more of these works to show the world that "ballet still has something to say" (but then he never specifies what he thinks the ballet is "saying"). He goes on to proclaim Kudelka is a "genius".

I don't expect much from a general interest magazine like Toronto Life, but this article still really irritated me!

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