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Father-Son (or Mother-Daughter) Dancer Pairs?

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Classic Arts Showcase just showed a pas de deux (to Paul Anka's version of the old Frank Sinatra song, "My Way") performed by a father-son pair, Dimitri Simkin and Daniil Simkin. It was an interesting number, classically based and beautifully danced on a bare stage.

Daniil, obviously younger, but also leaner and longer legged, has the greater elevation and flexibility of the two. Dmitri, also a beautiful dancer, is more compact and solid but still is obviously a man in his prime. Although the age differences are not emphasized, I imagine that each represent the same man at different stages of his life. The number concludes with the dancers exiting to opposite sides of the stage -- moving on each in his own way.

I was wondering whether there have been other father-son pairs dancing together in the same number or ballet. Or mother-daughter. Or any other combination of parent-offspring.

P.S. This was a 2006 performance, part of a DVD called "Divine Dancers -- Live from Prague."

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The song "My Way" was actually written by two Frenchmen, Claude Francois and Jacques Revaux, and was a hit before Paul Anka used Francois' music and re-wrote the words in English, although Frank Sinatra is sometimes given a co-writing credit.

The words to the original, "Comme d'habitude," and the song's many translations and local adaptations, can be found here.

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Classic Arts Showcase just showed a pas de deux (to Paul Anka's version of the old Frank Sinatra song, "My Way")

OT: "My Way" was composed and written by Paul Anka, which would pretty much make it his song.

OT and picking at a nit: Since the Simkins (pere et fils) were dancing to the recording, it's fair to call it Sinatra's.
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I just spent $21 for the DVD, "Divine Dancers..." and ,"My Way," is NOT on it! There are two dances , both solos, featuring each of the Simkins, but not the duet. If anyone knows of perhaps another DVD that has it, Please let me know. Thanks.

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