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Ethan Stiefel interview (by Gia Kourlas)


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Dirac posted a Link to an interview with Ethan Stiefel by Gia Kourlas (Time Out/ New York):


Included are his thoughts about his knee problem and surgeries, the collapse of his arrangements with Ballet Pacifica, his school on Martha's Vineyard, the kind of adjustments he's had to make due to NOT performing, as well as an interesting response to Kourlas' question about whether he might be interested in running NYCB if and when Peter Martins departs.

I was really impressed by a new level of depth, maturity, and complexity that have not always been there in Stiefel's previous comments. This makes me long to see what he will do with the more serious ballet roles when he returns to the stage.

I wonder what others think of this interview?

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I agree that those are very thoughtful and mature responses. It speaks to the difficulty of the transformation between being and not being a performer--a change not everyone finds graceful. I cannot speak from experience, but there seems to be something very compelling and fulfilling about being on stage.

There is no detectable bitterness on his part about what must have been very disappointing experience with Ballet Pacifica. That is good--bitterness just weighs on the owner. And it has given him perspective about the complexities of running a Company.

I always loved him as a dancer; but this shows him to be a pretty special man as well.

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