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Robbins and Bernstein at Harvard (& Damian W, too)

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An article in The Phoenix (of Boston) discusses a celebration of the work of Leonard Bernstein. A good deal of discussion was devoted to his collaborations (and non-collaborations) with Jerome Robbins. Damian Woetzel gave a lec/dem about Fancy Free.

It sounds really interesting. Here's the link and a quote (Marcia B. Seigel):


The groundbreaking thing about Fancy Free was the way it made art out of everyday materials. This may seem perfectly obvious now, but 60 years ago ballet dancers were not supposed to resemble the boy next door. In Saturday morning’s lecture demonstration, New York City Ballet principal Damian Woetzel coached Jared Redick and Gabor Kapin of Boston Ballet through the opening scene of Fancy Free.

Attuned to the ballet’s fine detail as well as its depiction of a particular time and place, Woetzel pointed out the subtle postures that marked the different characters of the sailors, the instant switch between explosive tours en l’air and casual walking. He showed how every move in the ballet has a motivation and is tied to the music, even the sounds that are produced on stage, like handclaps and the shuffle of a time step.

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