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Does anyone know if the there have at least been any recent telecasts that may someday make it to DVD?

I know that the National Ballet of Canada's production was telecast back in 1965, with Veronica Tennant and Earl Kraul. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation also filmed the bedroom pas de deux for separate TV specials on Tennant and Karen Kain, neither of which is available commercially either. A nearly complete ballroom scene was filmed by the National Film Board of Canada for a film called Gala. This may be available through some libraries. I've posted a link about it below.


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Hi all:

I am looking for a video/dvd of Cranko's R&J, which seems to be hard to find. Any info would be appreciated!

It's not commercially available AFAIK but a TV version with the Stuttgart Ballet was broadcast CA 1970. From the screen markings it looks like German TV. The cast is Haydee and Cragun on a TINY sound stage. It's short, maybe 90 minutes so it may be cut. I don't remember how long the stage version I saw in the early 70s was.


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