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Milwaukee Ballet Don Q

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I am back from my trip to Milwaukee and wanted to post about the performances of Milwaukee Ballet's Don Quixote. It had more dancing than any other versions I have seen. It was choreographed by Michael Pink, the director. The Prologue- Don Q and Sancho Panza are introduced. Next- The Adventures of the Inn Keeper's Wife, Don Q gets involved and knocked out. Act 1- The Adventure of Kitri and Basilio-lots of dancing for the corps and soloists- all on pointe. Act 2- The Adventure of the Gypsies and the Windmill- liked the choreography for the main couple of the Gypsies. After Don Q gets knocked unconsious by the windmill, then the dream scene begins. The difference in this scene than other Don Q's is they used music by Glazonouv for the pas for Dulcinea and the Don. I thought it fit beautifully. Act 3 was the Adventures of the Entertainers and the Knight of the Moon. The Lead Toreador and his Lady danced the famous pas. Lots of dancing- not just mime and standing around. The Don fights with the Knight and he makes the Don look in his huge mirror/shield and the Don realizes his dream of chivalry is over and he returns to his village. The dancers were very good as was the orchestra- and I must say my daughter who is in MB2 got to do a lot of dancing too!

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