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Lauren Anderson retires after Nutcracker

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This is a wonderful tribute, which I hope many will read even if they are not familiar with Houston ballet. Two points that impressed me especially were:

Anderson is the only one of Houston Ballet's 54 dancers who is applauded before dancing, as soon as she steps onto the stage.
"It's been the coolest thing in the world to have a whole city behind me," Anderson said.

She's been special partly because she's a home-grown talent, a native Houstonian who entered Houston Ballet's Ben Stevenson Academy at 7.

Her skin color, she said, was less of an obstacle than her muscular build.

Good for Anderson. Good for Houston. :yahoo:
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I take just a little issue with Molly Glazer's article about Lauren. I have been to several HB performances and there are many dancers who receive applause when stepping onstage - most notably Randy Herrera. Not to diminish Ms. Anderson's accomplishments and her popularity with the Houston community - it's just that many other fine dancers are also receiving accolades during performances.

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