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I´m going to start dancing ballet

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I´m going to start dancing ballet in spring. I wasn´t sure if i wanted to start dancing it, last week a saw a bunch of kids in ballet dresses and i thought if they can so can I.

And i went online to find a ballet course and i found one so i did enter it and the next day an e-mail arrived in my mail box saying that the course did start 5 weeks ago and it wasn´t possible to enter it.

But it had also good news saying i could enter it next term from the begining and I will

I will never be a profesionell ballerina but at least I do get to feel like one :dry:

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I will never be a profesionell ballerina but at least I do get to feel like one :)
Not to mention being able to SEE so much more when you attend dance performances. And you may be able to identify with other dancers on so many new levels. I started ballet classes last year, and it's one of the most absorbing and rewarding things I've ever done. You might be better at it than you think. Good for you, Rosie! :dry:
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Hey Rosie,

I too started later in life -- I was 35 or so, and I'm still fascinated by it.

You CAN continue to get better. Of course, you you can also get worse as you get older -- it's important to go easy on yourself and not crank your turn-out and not beat yourself up for not being perfect already. The co-ordination will take a while, and patience is going to be something you'll need to drink by the gallon.

But it will certainly give you insight into performances -- and perfomances will give you insight into what you're trying to do in class -- AND there will be those moments when you feel like you're floating, when everything feels for a moment so easy.

Enjoy yourself, and take it easy.

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thanks, The curse does have a advance course in ballet and i think the advance is pointe class i´m still quite young 21 but i wern´t interested in ballet dancing until now and red all books about ballet and i did never thought about dancing ballet:) . I´m so exited :yahoo: i´m going to buy a leotard and ballet shoes and other ballet stuff

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