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Another Raymonda Music Question: The Entr'acte

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Several articles on Glazunov note Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt as the composer's musical influences. This afternoon, in the Act III scene in Die Götterdämmerung in which the Rhine Daughters attempt to charm and then scare the ring from Siegfried, there is a theme that is repeated at least once which sounds very much like the languid, perfumed Entr'acte from Raymonda.

Is there any reason to think that this was an intentional quote?

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That's kind of funny. I've always found the entr'acte reminded me a little of "Siegfried's Rhine Journey".

But on the whole, I think it may be something more related to Sir Arthur Sullivan's quip when challenged that a piece of his music sounded like a quote from another composer, "That could be, after all, we only have eight notes between us." :blush:

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