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London Theatre Museum to close.

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It has been announced that the Theatre Museum in London is to close in January 2007 due in part to the lack of funds needed for its development. A subsidiary of the Victoria and Albert Museum the collections will once again be housed in that Kensington museum. There are lots of questions that come to mind in a negative sense about this decision, but the good news is that the V & A will hold a major exhibition in 2009 to celebrate the centenary of the Diaghilev Ballet where one hopes that Picasso's stage cloth for Parade will be on view. It had been hoped that a joint arrangement with the Royal Opera House to resolve the the difficulties could be arranged but it was announced yesterday that this was not possible.

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everything and everyone seem to be disappearing before my very eyes !!

I went to London 2 years ago [fell in love w/ it] and bought this Gorgeous! Rudolf Nureyev poster from Theatre Museum. It was taken in 1961 (so, yeah it's one of his best headshots!) It's hanging in my bathroom and he's always smiling beautifully at me :rolleyes: uuggh, it was only 1 pound or so, should have bought 15. :blushing:

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