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What are you looking forward to?

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I know that as the season gets underway, we will all be commenting on performances under the specific company headings, but I was wondering right now, what people are really looking forward to seeing. If I were suddenly endowed with lots of cash, where should I want to be going?

In Seattle, next weekend is going to be tight, with the ballet's season opening gala and Savion Glover doing his classical program on Saturday night, but glover has a Sunday matinee too, so all's well. The following weekend PNB opens a mixed rep show, with a new production of Fancy Free. It's been several years since I've seen this live, so I'm wondering what I'll find in it this time out. The rest of the program is revivals (Forsythe's in the middle, and Balanchine's Theme and Variations) I admit the last time they did T and V I was distracted by the costumes -- they had those dinner plate tutus, which really quiver every time someone bourees. But I love the ballet, so it should be a blast.

So what about where you all are?

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Looking forward to:

Next week NYCB's Assoluta Ashley *Bouder's first NYC performance since last February is scheduled for Columbia University's Miller Theater. Other stars from City Ballet are also listed by name, but most strangely dancers from ABT's Studio Company are not. But this company has just added Moscow Gold Medalist (Jr., 2005) Christine Shevchenko and YAGP Grand Prix (2006) winner Joseph Gorak, and five more, so I'll be looking and hoping!

NYCB's Opening Night in November.

The fabulous Ailey dancers in Tharp's The Golden Section in December.

Tess Reichlen's Sugarplum.

Six weeks of prime quality Balanchine to start off 2007.

But of course wishing I could be in Moscow on October 3 (Osipova/Vasiliev Don Q) and 4 (Vishneva's first Bolshoi Giselle).

*added 11:14PM for joy The Winger has posted four photos of Bouder et al rehearsing Tom Gold's new ballet:


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Well, I'll start with some opera, Die Tote Stadt at NYCO and then maybe Madama Butterfly at the Met.

Maybe some Fall for Dance, but definitely Sadlers Wells in Push, followed by some dates (not yet determined ) at ABT.

That takes through most of the Fall, ending with maybe a Nut or two at NYCO (want to see Sylve as Dewdrop)


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Miami's Don Quixote. This is not a ballet I care much about ordinarily, but it will be fun to see it done by a team of dancers I've gotten to know very well over the past 5 years. I plan on catching all the casts I can, and I have special hopes for a quantum leap by Katia Carranza.

I hope this turns into a great cash-cow for touring up North and in the West, so they can also bring along more adventurous rep and do a greater number of TWO-night stands in more cities.

Also: the first I've seen of Miami's Agon -- and company premieres of Lilac Garden, Wleeldon's Liturgy, and Tharp's In the Upper Room.

This year's visiting Russians: Vasiliev's production of Cinderella, with State Ballet Theatre of Russia.

And visiting Canadians: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, bringing 3 works by Jiri Kylian. (I like his work, though share the sense that not much happens, or develops. It's been a while since I've been able to see it in live performance. I plan, as usual, to work at trying to gain access the kind of dep responses which so many Europeans seem to have when they look at Kylian's choreography.)

And, Ballet Florida's revival of Lady of the Camellias (Caniparoli). I really like Tiny Martin in this, but it would be nice this time if they created at least one alternate cast. Lorena Jimenez? Plus, hope for more Yumelia Garcia in the lighter, happier, and moe stylish roles in their rep.

MCB and BF also compete head-to-head with rival Nuts. So -- after a year off -- it will be a chance to compare the Balanchine once again with the more traditional, and surprisingly large-scale, Marie Hale version of Petipa/Ivanov.

If we're allowed a wish list, I'd ask for more dance on PBS. :beg: -- specially big national programing that we can share in "real time" on Ballet Talk.

And .. it would be nice for once to pick a European travel destination that is NOT undergoing a major ballet blackout during the time we're there. It's uncanny how the best dance companies are always on tour -- or have no tickets left -- when we're in town. :toot:

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I think drb has covered the NY ballet highlights very well, I am looking forward to everything he's mentioned! That Miller Theatre performance is only 2 days away and I'm so excited I can hardly wait. I'll add that I'm also really looking forward to ABT's City Center season, especially the chance to see In The Upper Room again after last season and Symphony Concertante after many years. Hoping to see Ethan Stiefel healthy & dancing again and hoping to see V. Part in more than just the 2 performances she's cast for.

At NYCB there are many things I'm looking forward to from veterans and up and comers(see drb's post) but I'm particularly hoping to see Craig Hall, Rebecca Krohn & Ana Sophia Scheller cast in some new roles this season.

Over the past 3 years the Fall for Dance Festival has introduced me to some companies that I've really enjoyed (as well as a few I could live without!), but for $10 who cares about the snoozers? I'm dissapointed that I'll be out of town for the Pennsylvania Ballet, but looking forward to seeing PNB as well as the local companies and hoping to "discover" some new favorites.

I already have my tickets to see the Ailey company in The Golden Section as well as Pas de Duke, The River (one of my guilty pleasures) and my annual dose of Revelations. Also my annual Esplanade and Promethian Fire from the Paul Taylor Company. I have mixed feelings about the Guillem/ Push show but I decided to go to 1 performance. Also not always crazy about Eifman but Red Giselle sounds intruiging so that will wrap my City Center season.

I can't be in Moscow to see Osipova/Vasiliev or Vishneva's fabulous Giselle but I am going to Chicago to see the Mariinsky and if the casting holds I will finally get to see Lopatkina's Swan Lake.

This is the year I decided to give Opera another try (after 30 years or so) so I'll be up in the cheap seats at the Met for Butterfly & a few others, and down in the cheap seats at NYCO for a couple of productions.

The season is almost here but it just can't get here quick enough for me!

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